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Lizbeth Espinoza

Beauty Arise International Director

I'm a lover of JESUS and love to dream BIG DREAMS!! I am a missionary and since I love traveling and telling others about how JESUS CHRIST has redeemed my life, missions is the perfect fit for me! I am a passionate person. I am someone who will either love something or not like it at all!! I live to see women and girls from the highest of society to the lowest of low, walking in the glorious life God has prepared them for. I love dancing, reading, old architecture and beautiful views of nature. I speak Español and English but when I get nervous I forget both. I want to learn Portuguese and French. I love autumn and boots, & dislike cats and dogs. One crazy dream I have is to live in Paris one day as a missionary.


Isabella Haas


Hi my name is Isabella and I am from Austria. I've been staffing with beauty arise and YWAM LA since December 2015 after having previously done my DTS and SOMD at YWAM LA. I am passionate about seeing Jesus heal broken people and watching them walk in the identity and destiny that only comes from him. Also I have a huge heart for the fashion and entertainment industry because I believe that people there need Jesus desperatly and also that you can reach the whole world through it. These are the things that bring me so much joy: JESUS (duh), quality people, sunshine, when people give me food, coffee, singing, laughter, car rides with friends and TV shows


Mariana Simionato


I am Mariana, but you can call me Mari. I am from Brazil and am a fashion journalist and image consultant and... I blog! I love people! Me and my husband Tony have traveled all over the world to share the Love of God to all kinds of people. I love pizza, makeup, coffee, rain, cold days in the house and hot days in the pool. But, I love Jesus more. Jesus has changed my life, giving me big dreams and much love. My mission in life is to share about Jesus to the world. 


Alyssa Glick


Hi my name is Alyssa and I’m from Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve been staffing with Beauty Arise and Ywam Los Angeles since 2016. I am passionate about both of ministries because I know the difference knowing Jesus in a personal way has impacted my life. Now it’s my passion to serve others so they can have the same. I love music and dancing! One of my favorite things to do is create playlists for people to enjoy. I also love coffee, warm summer days, eating good food with friends, exploring city and traveling!


Natassia Di



Jordana Gerbrandt



Cerys Gemma



Lorena Monteiro



Cassandra Campbell



Beauty Arise Founder

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Jessica Hover 

I'm Jessica but my friends call me Jess. I grew up in Colorado and now live here in Los Angeles, CA. I am grateful to call both places home. I am also grateful that my little sister Meredith lives 5 minutes away. I married handsome skateboarder Shaun Hover when I was 20 years old and after 6 years of marriage I still think he is the best ever. I love to use my words to inspire & encourage hearts, and I extra love all things pink & twinkly. I make youtube videos weekly and drink my lattes through a straw because my dentist says it is better for my teeth. I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. PS. I have a darling baby girl named Eloise. She is the sweetest ever and she has her own hashtag. Go meet her. #eloise_marie