Our Staff

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Jessica Hover 

I'm Jessica but my friends call me Jess. I grew up in Colorado and have spent the last 8 years of life here in Los Angeles, CA. I am grateful to call both places home. I am also grateful that my little sister Meredith lives 5 minutes away. I married handsome skateboarder Shaun Hover when I was 20 years old and after 6 years of marriage I still think he is the best ever. Shaun leads Calling All Skaters and I help to lead Beauty Arise. I love to use my words to inspire & encourage hearts, and I extra love all things pink & twinkly. I make youtube videos weekly and drink my lattes through a straw because my dentist says it is better for my teeth. I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. PS. I have a darling baby girl named Eloise. She is the sweetest ever and she has her own hashtag. Go meet her. #eloise_marie


Lizbeth Espinoza

Beauty Arise International Director

I'm a lover of JESUS and love to dream BIG DREAMS!! I am a missionary and since I love traveling and telling others about how JESUS CHRIST has redeemed my life, missions is the perfect fit for me! I am a passionate person. I am someone who will either love something or not like it at all!! I live to see women and girls from the highest of society to the lowest of low, walking in the glorious life God has prepared them for. I love dancing, reading, old architecture and beautiful views of nature. I speak Español and English but when I get nervous I forget both. I want to learn Portuguese and French. I love autumn and boots, & dislike cats and dogs. One crazy dream I have is to live in Paris one day as a missionary.


Isabella Haas


Hi my name is Isabella and I am from Austria. I've been staffing with beauty arise and YWAM LA since December 2015 after having previously done my DTS and SOMD at YWAM LA. I am passionate about seeing Jesus heal broken people and watching them walk in the identity and destiny that only comes from him. Also I have a huge heart for the fashion and entertainment industry because I believe that people there need Jesus desperatly and also that you can reach the whole world through it. These are the things that bring me so much joy: JESUS (duh), quality people, sunshine, when people give me food, coffee, singing, laughter, car rides with friends and TV shows

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Mariana Simionato


I am Mariana, but you can call me Mari. I am from Brazil and am a fashion journalist and image consultant and... I blog! I love people! Me and my husband Tony have traveled all over the world to share the Love of God to all kinds of people. I love pizza, makeup, coffee, rain, cold days in the house and hot days in the pool. But, I love Jesus more. Jesus has changed my life, giving me big dreams and much love. My mission in life is to share about Jesus to the world.