Our Staff

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Jessica Hover 

I'm Jessica but my friends call me Jess. I grew up in Colorado and have spent the last 8 years of life here in Los Angeles, CA. I am grateful to call both places home. I am also grateful that my little sister Meredith lives 5 minutes away. I married handsome skateboarder Shaun Hover when I was 20 years old and after 6 years of marriage I still think he is the best ever. Shaun leads Calling All Skaters and I help to lead Beauty Arise. I love to use my words to inspire & encourage hearts, and I extra love all things pink & twinkly. I make youtube videos weekly and drink my lattes through a straw because my dentist says it is better for my teeth. I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. PS. I have a darling baby girl named Eloise. She is the sweetest ever and she has her own hashtag. Go meet her. #eloise_marie

Kate Scholz

My name is Kate with a K but secretly it's actually Caitlyn with a C. I was raised in small town Monroe, Wisconsin but I’m a true Californian army brat since birth. I've lost my heart in LA and don't hope to find it anytime soon. I dream that one day I'll be in a place to truly impact the entire world through media. My favorite place in the world is Barcelona, Spain. I'm pretty sure that city was created for Kate Cooks. I love to make videos, take pictures, and drink monster. The little mermaid is the best movie ever created. There's just something about gingers I can't get over. I have three adorable little sisters and anything teal blue will probably make my day. 


Carrie McMillion

I am the one you can usually find laughing, very loudly, at just about everything. I am from a small country town in West Virginia. Even though I grew up as a small town girl, it never stopped me from having huge dreams. One of my biggest dreams was to move to Asia and help women discover the purpose for which they were created. And guess what...that's exactly what I am doing! I love baking, sweet tea, anything Aztec/Indian print, bright colors and doing hair.

Alissa Leavitt

I grew up in Arizona, though currently I split my time between LA and Alaska. I love it but I’m always grateful to go back home to the Arizona desert for holidays. I’m married to the wonderful Hayden Leavitt and his parents own a carnival in Alaska and we both travel with it. My family works for the carnival too and have done that for most of my life, so yes, I am a real life “Carnie” and I’m marrying a “Carnie” too. It’s the best. Sparkles are the best too. Glitter is my favorite color. I love working with Beauty Arise and being able to use my administrative skills to serve God. 


Anna Bishop

I'm Anna but the people closest to me call me “Nan”. I am passionate about girls knowing their true identity in Christ and I live to see entertainment and fashion professionals experience the love of God. I used to be in LA but right now I'm home in Idaho, thus, I get to be part of Beauty Arise via the internet! Technology is so good for that. I love my friends and family so much that sometimes I think my heart might actually explode when I think of them. I adore salted caramel breves and am known for saying funny things at inappropriate times. My friends think its a wonderful quality. 

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Eve Sanders

I'm twenty four and grew up in Germany. I now live in Southeast Asia with my husband Jp and our baby boy Levi. My husband helps lead Calling All Skaters and uses skateboarding to minister to the locals. I love bright colors and movies. My house is full of pets and I really enjoy having people over. I especially love baking and having "girl time" painting nails, doing our makeup and talking about Jesus. I am studying the Mandarine language and hope to one day be fluent so I can better share the love of Christ with the local ladies.


Dorothea Pletscher

I am Dorothea and I am the director of Beauty Arise Switzerland! I love Jesus and people! I just married the man of my dreams, Matts Pletscher, in September 2014 and our baby girl was born in January of 2016. Matts and I lead worship together at our church and have a collection of movies in our living room that covers an entire wall. I love to tell every detail of a story and I don't always start from the beginning of a story either, which means my friends are really good listeners as they wait for me to get to the point! I was a missionary with YWAM LA for almost 5 years and was an original staff member when Beauty Arise first started in LA! I am so thankful for our amazing team of staff here at Beauty Arise Switzerland and I am SO excited about how God is moving through us to transform lives! 

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Lizbeth Espinoza

I'm a lover of JESUS and love to dream BIG DREAMS!! I am a missionary and since I love traveling and telling others about how JESUS CHRIST has redeemed my life, missions is the perfect fit for me! I am a passionate person. I am someone who will either love something or not like it at all!! I live to see women and girls from the highest of society to the lowest of low, walking in the glorious life God has prepared them for. I love dancing, reading, old architecture and beautiful views of nature. I speak Español and English but when I get nervous I forget both. I want to learn Portuguese and French. I love autumn and boots, & dislike cats and dogs. One crazy dream I have is to live in Paris one day as a missionary.


Isabella Haas

Hi my name is Isabella and I am from Austria. I've been staffing with beauty arise and YWAM LA since December 2015 after having previously done my DTS and SOMD at YWAM LA. I am passionate about seeing Jesus heal broken people and watching them walk in the identity and destiny that only comes from him. Also I have a huge heart for the fashion and entertainment industry because I believe that people there need Jesus desperatly and also that you can reach the whole world through it. These are the things that bring me so much joy: JESUS (duh), quality people, sunshine, when people give me food, coffee, singing, laughter, car rides with friends and TV shows

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Mariana Simionato

I am Mariana, but you can call me Mari. I am from Brazil and am a fashion journalist and image consultant and... I blog! I love people! Me and my husband Tony have traveled all over the world to share the Love of God to all kinds of people. I love pizza, makeup, coffee, rain, cold days in the house and hot days in the pool. But, I love Jesus more. Jesus has changed my life, giving me big dreams and much love. My mission in life is to share about Jesus to the world. 


Abby Eastman

My name is Abby but I secretly love it when people call me Abbs. I come from the wonderful country of Canada and after all my travels I still think it's the best place on earth. I love to write and sing almost as much as I love to read Wikipedia articles and my childhood dream of being a princess is still alive and well (I shamelessly own a copy of the Royal wedding on DVD). If you ask me to watch an Edward Norton movie with you I will always say yes especially if it's Fight Club.  I think there is no sound more beautiful than laughter and no joy greater than when I can be the one to make someone laugh. Oh and most importantly, I love Jesus more than anything else.