Dreaming With God

It's a little late but welcome 2015! Every year most people I know come up with a new years resolution about how they are going to change this or how they are going to change that, about how they are going to change their diet after eating pounds of sugar the weeks prior to the new year. People talk about going to the gym and loosing weight and they get gym memberships but by the time February rolls around they are paying for a membership they don't even use anymore. More times than not I feel people give up on their resolutions and I've never set a resolutions simply for this reason. So in my mind the word resolution just holds bad connotations even though I love what the word resolution actually means. The dictionary defines it as the act of determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc. and a resolve; a decision of determination and the mental state of quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose. How sad is it that many resolutions don't really go anywhere?

For the past six months or so I've felt dry, I've at times felt purposeless and for months at a time I've felt I've had zero idea of where I was going next, not to mention the pressure from others about "what's next?". I knew I had passions in my heart, and there were things I enjoyed doing, but I felt at a loss when I thought about how to tie the things I'm passionate about together. And what I mean when I say that is, things I really love + work + helping people. So for months I've gone with no vision, I just knew that I was suppose to stay faithful in my season. And by staying in my season that meant I was just doing the things I didn't necessarily find meaning in and doing my best while waiting for God to give me my next step. Now living the mundane day to day life, can sometimes get pretty old and often times it's hard to see beyond that and follow your dreams, visions and the things we know we were created for. Those things just seem to be a mirage.

But the bible talks about vision in Proverbs 29:18 it says "where there is no vision, the people perish." That's exactly what I felt like, like my spirit was dying. Like the fire in my heart was going out and it was just so hard to see the end goal let alone the next step. I was just wandering and was tempted to grab ahold of any opportunity that presented itself to me just so I could feel purpose. The weeks following up to 2015 I had an epiphany while talking to my husband about my next step. In a matter of minutes I had a flash back of all the little puzzle pieces that have all been coming together leading up to this point and I was just then seeing the big picture. Now I can't reveal to you what my epiphany was but it gave me new life, and put wind in my sails! 

I've now walked into this new year full of vision and hunger for God and how he wants to use me this year! I've also come up with a little bucket list of the little things I've always wanted to do or learn, I haven't done or felt like this since I was a child! I encourage you to look at your passions, find a need that needs to be met in this world and ask God where is it he wants you. Dream with God, even if it seems like your dreams are so far fetched. Looking back on 2014 I would say that the theme of that year for me was obedience to God and through that obedience he fulfilled the desires of my heart. By being obedient I've seen places I thought I'd never go to, I did things a lot of people will never do, I experienced Jesus and His presence in a whole new way. So this year instead of setting a resolution I just plan on dreaming. And dreaming with God to be more specific and really chasing the dreams that He sets in my heart.  I've got feeling that this year is going to be extra special! Full of wonder, new places, and new faces!