Views From The Backstage

by Abby Eastman

This weekend was incredible. As a self proclaimed pop culture junky, I think being able to be fully submerged in what makes the industry tick just for a weekend, was truly an unforgettable experience.

On June 10 - June 11, Moschino and Golf Wang (by Tyler The Creator) held fashion shows at the LA Live event deck and yours truly along with the beauty arise team had the opportunity to help work backstage. Racks of designer fashions, photographers' bulbs flashing (with the exception of Tyler's show; it had very limited media backstage coverage) and people running around placing final touches, it was a dreamy peak into a world we see only from our television screens.

It almost didn't feel real. Everywhere you went you were surrounded by beautiful people who were just as pretty in person as they were in the magazines. People that the world admired, as well as some that I personally had admiration for. I stared straight into the eyes of models and celebrities who I didn't know but admired for their work and the small bits of their character that I saw through the media's lens. It all felt so normal-- it was as if my television had deceived me. I think that's what God taught me and a bunch of other girls from our team this weekend: that it's normal because they are normal. Maybe I'm late with fully understanding the constant message we hear, that "celebrities are normal people just like us". It's like I knew but I didn't really understand it until I was surrounded by people who had both fame and fortune.

One thing I think I have always been good at is looking at everyone with equal worth. My heart has always broken when I could see and feel people placing others above themselves or beneath themselves. We are so the same at the core. We all feel heartbreak and sorrow and happiness and pain. We are all talented and creative and gifted. We all have our faults, we all say the wrong things. We all breathe the same air and gasp for it when we weep-- who are we to build a social hierarchy? This weekend I got to really put into practice what I have always known and believed: that we are all the same and created in God's image. What we do or what others say about us will never determine our worth.

I was also reminded this weekend that there is freedom to be ourselves. I have known about Tyler The Creator for awhile (my best friend is a huge fan) but seeing him in person and watching him work was such a privilege. He has these wacky ideas that he isn't afraid to share. He is exactly the same way he is portrayed in the media: high energy with a voice that isn't too scared to give opinions, no matter how taboo they are. He is far from fearful of being himself. I loved that so much. You can see it in a collected mentality amongst his crew (Odd Future plus friends were his models) he basically gave them a choice to wear what they wanted to wear during his show, which you don't normally see from a designer. It was fascinating. He wanted them to be themselves on the runway and encouraged them to goof around no matter how unconventional it was. 6 hours of watching Tyler work made me want to go home and pursue my own strange and wacky dreams. I ended up watching the recorded live stream of the show when I got home and was touched by his constant appreciation for his friends and their support of his dreams. Life seems a bit sweeter if you know yourself and encourage others to know themselves as well.

I am still exhausted and my eyes are fighting not to shut, but my heart is alive with this weekend's experience. Tired yet inspired, I will forever be thankful for my 2 days spent in real life tv land.

- Abby


Paper Thin

"Honesty is the best policy"

Take those words and run with them. Make them your daily mantra. Put them on a tshirt. Write a song based on them! Because there is nothing more good and true. 

This week I have once again learned-- or was reminded by God-- the importance of transparency. My lovely friend Leesette told me after I confessed my feelings on a car ride home, that there is something even more cowardly about pretending that you have it all together than admitting you are scared or are feeling weak. That. That struck me right in the heart. For me personally, I really REALLY don't like appearing weak. As you can tell by my attempt to convey my emotions in writing, I still need some healing in that area. I am not yet completely confident with the idea that it's ok not to be ok-- but I'm getting there.  

With magazine ads telling us we need to look a certain way and hundreds of years of history silencing female voices, girls aren't exactly setup with everyone in favor of them appearing strong and confident. I think partially for that reason I have unknowingly taken on a burden of always appearing like I have it together because I hate the idea of someone thinking I am incapable of doing something. Combine that with people pleaser tendencies and a fear of failure and I am pretty much naturally just not a vulnerable person. I beg of you please PLEASE learn from my mistakes: do not confuse vulnerability with weakness for it is the furthest thing from it. I have come far enough in my "walk towards honesty" to know this truth even before this week's mess of emotions, but I definitely needed to be reminded.

Being vulnerable allows others to see that you are not perfect. They can suddenly recognize that they are not the only ones who have faults or struggles. It adds a beautiful air of humanity and gives you one heck of a wake up call that our simple human nature needs Jesus to survive and thrive. It is beyond tiring and stressful holding things in and it creates distance between you and and the ones you love. It is so hard to be truly close to someone if you won't allow it. Vulnerability allows you to not only fight your battles as a pack and not as a lone wolf but it also creates intimacy with others. It opens up a door for someone else to open up to you. Not to mention it also leaves room for someone to speak life into you and remind you of the truths that may have slipped your mind.

I can't say just yet that I love being vulnerable but I love what it does. I can still be a strong, fierce, confident, driven person and be vulnerable at the same time. I will choose to let my pride get hurt every time if it means it will bring me some level of freedom. Opening up to someone is putting wings on the weight that held you down and letting it fly away. Don't stop yourself from living in the freedom you were created to live in.

Last year was an incredibly hard year for me and I remember writing in my journal that I felt so spread thin that it was as if I was as "fragile as paper". I think I'm seeing now that the thinner you are spread, the easier it is to see through whatever facade you are trying to create to appear strong. So if you are not ok please admit it. Let others love you, for you are so worth loving. 

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36




An Awe and a Wonder

Reading an old journal entry is both helpful and terrifying. Helpful because your former self often has very good advice and insights, and terrifying because it's a bit hard to look back at times of inexperience. With that being said, I dug up an old blog post (which to me is like an open journal) from a couple years ago that I never ended up posting and thankfully for yours and my sake, it is more helpful than anything else. 

The year was 2014, a fresh faced Abby had just returned from various trips with YWAM. She was 18 and had only just been diagnosed with a touch of wanderlust. So ignore the fact that I am referring to myself in the 3rd person and hopefully see how perfectly wondrous the world is from the eyes of an 18 year old.

The lessons of Exploration

I never thought I’d reach the point in life where I’d actually be “coming home” from someplace – I thought I would be home forever. Then one day out of the blue high school decided to come to an end and I found myself returning home from places like Thailand and Hawaii. It has indeed been an incredible year.

It’s gone by so quickly that I sometimes wonder if it honestly happened. If I really did spend all those hours in a plane flying across the US and the ocean to new and unfamiliar places. Sometimes it feels like it was a blip in time that I formed in my own imagination. Just think about it: imagine coming home to find out that everything is exactly the way you left it – you’d feel like you’d never left at all. The only assurance that I did leave, I find in myself: I have changed. Home stayed the same but I’ve changed– drastically.

I left home a scared somewhat naive individual who hated the thought of giving up personal comfort and loathed the idea of having to leave their safe little corner of the earth. The words “risk” and “adventure” weren’t even in my vocabulary. I was fine with being fine. Going to new places– especially Thailand– changed that for me. 

Thailand is so different from my world back home, that the lack in similarities is remarkable. It’s not a dangerous place, it’s just not the normal I'm use to. Living there for 3 months gave me a chance to fall in love with a land and people other than my own. I got the chance to make friends with local Thai girls who’s smiles warm ever single inch of your soul. I also ate more sticky rice and fired basil than humanely possible– It was incredible..

I was in such awe of just how creative God was, and how he made each person and land so different and unique from each other. There were nights spent on a Chiang Rai balcony that I could not fathom just how remarkable Thailand was and how there are so many other beautiful people and places that I have not yet discovered.

Hawaii was equally as eye opening. It was a 6 week blur of sunscreen and laughter. Each day I spent there made me feel more alive than ever before. I fell so in love with the people around me that the stunning scenery was secondary to the physical signs of happiness that surrounded me and my friends. I found deep friendship that summer all while surrounded by the ocean– nothing short of magical.

I learned so much in those months traveling that I will never get over the fact that before I left in September, I was fine, absolutely 100% fine, with just getting to know one part of this breathtaking earth God created. A truly tragic mindset, because If God spent so much thought and care into creating this earth and it's people then it is by far one of the greatest privileges to get to explore them.

So promise me you will explore. Promise me even if you can't get on a plane that you will take time to explore your city, because there is such an awe and wonder to God's creation and we have it right at our finger tips– you just have to grab it.

- Abby

Hawaii. Summer 2014. Stolen bouquets and a sunny day. Though not candid that smile was as genuine as can be.

Hawaii. Summer 2014. Stolen bouquets and a sunny day. Though not candid that smile was as genuine as can be.




Tips On How to Make a Gloomy Day a Sunny One

It rained today which is always a treat in Southern California. Especially for me. I LOVE the cold and the rain. I have this theory that if I move to a really drizzly sort of place my sometimes excessively happy manner would make the perfect contrast. I would walk the streets flashing 500 watt smiles to all the people passing by who were stricken with the weather blues, shedding some light on what could be for them a desolate and wearying sort of day.

Anyway, if you are having that sort of day now—  even if it's sunny where you are— I have developed some fool proof tips on how to make it a bit brighter. So if you're feeling sad, miserable, bored, glum, negative etc. grab a notebook and READ ON.


1. PRAY IT OUT - My gosh. I don't think there has ever been a time that praying hasn't made me feel the least bit better. The best part is you can do it anywhere, any place, anytime. Stuck on a crammed uncomfortable bus, commuting home after a long day at work, with a mild headache and a million things to do when you get home? PRAY! Found out the guy you liked is actually interested in someone else but you spent all day yesterday mentally planning what you were going to say when you meet his parents? PRAY!

2. TEA IT OUT - Tea is warm. Sad days can make you feel cold inside and out. Drink some tea. Maybe while reading a beloved book (The Magicians Nephew has seen more than a few of my sad days)

3. LIST IT OUT - I use to to write a list everyday called "Big Little Blessings" so no matter how sucky my day was I knew there was some sort of positive element to it. It mostly consisted of food related blessings like "I had some good cheesecake today" or "my coffee tasted extra nice this morning". Also random things like "managed to actually get a lot of work done at the office" and "One Direction dropped a new single"  but who cares? I always felt better after doing it.

4. FEEL IT OUT- Be honest with yourself first and foremost with how you are feeling. I think we can often get into this mindset that we have to be ok and therefore hold back tears or do the whole "I'm fine thing". Don't let that lie get to you because feelings are SO good. When you  finally release whatever you are holding in, it is so much easier to process it! SO MUCH EASIER. So cry or rant, with God or a loved one. You'll feel better. 

5. BAKE IT OUT - I bake when I'm stressed or sad. It helps me think. Baking might not be your go-to life-giving activity but that's perfectly fine. Find whatever gives you joy and do it. Maybe it's watching a whimsical and light movie (Cinderella. The new one. It is overwhelmingly gorgeous and positive) or busting out your guitar and writing an emotionally charged ballad (I so I envy you. I wish I could play. If you are ever in LA, feel free to give me lessons)

6. SHAKE IT OUT - Grab the hairbrush mike, turn on your music and dance around your room like you just don't care . Or if you do care, grab your headphones, grab a jacket and head outside! Listen to a song that fits your mood and pretend you're in a music video because why not?

"A cheerful heart is good medicine" Proverbs 17:22

7. BIBLE IT OUT - Ever feel like you can't hear God's voice? Well you can at any given time, especially if you have the bible app. God has some really wonderful truths that he has spoken to you in his word. So pick up that bible and read! 

 "My beloved spoke and said to me, "Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone."  Song of Songs 2:10

Bonus tip: Occasionally I'll play the audio bible while I clean my room. I think my room can sometimes reflect the hecticness of my life and therefore cleaning it feels like a fresh start. Plus there is something about organizing a mess that makes me feel like I can conquer any task at hand.    

8. BREATHE IT OUT - Stop and take a big breath. Remember you have life in your soul that wills you on each day.

I hope just be reading this you now have your own 500 watt smile spread across your face and that you will take that smile and shed some light to the people and places around you.



Girl vs. The World

I think in stories. Always. I sometimes without realizing it subconsciously find myself narrating my life. It makes sense in a way. I love stories. And books. And the smell of old books but the sound that new ones make when you crack them open. In all honesty, I like the idea of being Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and reading somewhere in a lush field with the sun on my face and my heart completely filled by the warm tales of those I read.

I've heard the analogy often that God has a story for you. One where you are going to find joy and love and a happy ending, but I was skeptical at times to whether or not that was true. Don't get me wrong, as I mentioned before I am quite the story enthusiast. I am all for tales and dreams coming true but what does the creator of heaven, earth, moon, and stars have interest in creating one for me? One with interesting life bringing characters that you find in your favorite novels or one with crazy plots and struggles that ultimately are overcome even when it seems hopeless?

One day while praying (or maybe day dreaming...I'm not to sure. But maybe because I'm not too sure it means I was day dreaming) I felt like God said "Abby. I have a story for you and you're the protagonist." Instantly I was taken back to gr. 9 english class where we learned the elements of a story: the protagonist was the main charterer. In a typical story line the protagonist is often the hero or heroine. If written well they are real and relatable. They always face adversity but it is their destiny to overcome it. Thus began my journey of viewing my life as one epic novel.

It helps. When things get hard and it feels like it's you against the world. It helps to view yourself as the protagonist of the story. For we really aren't alone. It isn't you who has the story line of your life written out; you have quite the author:

" For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11  

It sometimes can feel like you're Katniss before she volunteers as tribute or -- if we're thinking biblically-- Esther before she is presented to the king. But know we are bound to have struggles and hard times but that doesn't mean we can't have a happy ending. God really cares about us and who we are and whether or not we will succeed, like any good author who has worked very hard at carefully crafting characters and plots would. We all have encountered  horrible events that if they did not happen would not have somehow set us up for something so much better than we could have imagined. Don't you see? We are not destined to fail.

 "He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

So get excited about life! I do. How could I not, when I literally have a grand destiny ahead of me? I've had my fair share of crappy moments, buckets of tears and times where I was so overwhelmed that it felt like I couldn't breathe. But right now I am happy sitting here on my couch typing away noisily at my keyboard and listening to BORNS as I resist the urge to eat the box of Cheez-Its in my cupboard because I've already brushed my teeth. I'm happy because my story has been pretty sweet so far. My life has kind of been a bunch of crazy coincidences that all seem to work out (God doesn't do plot holes). I am thrilled to see what's next in my life, story or whatever you want to call it, and I think you should be thrilled for what is next in yours as well.




Photo by  Jemi Grace

Photo by Jemi Grace

some fun advice for your Friday.

My fiancé (oh that’s so fun to say) and I recently decided to start pre marital counseling. Not because we are already having issues but because we want a solid foundation to build our marriage on. Also when has Godly counseling ever been a bad thing? Tuesday was our first session and I went in with so much anxiety. Some many thoughts that at had never entered my head began flooding in. What if he (the counselor) says we are too young? What if this makes me not want to marry the man of my dreams? What if he says we are incompatible? And worst of all what if this makes Hayden not want to marry me? With all of these thoughts, I was dreading walking into the office.  However coming out of the meeting I was more excited than ever before about being married and becoming a wife!! We learned so much in that short hour and a half. I can’t wait to go back and discover even more. The advice he gave us not only applied to marriage but a lot of it related to everyday life. There are a few things that I really think are worth sharing for everyone to read.

1.     Don’t be negative! That was some of the first things that came out of his mouth. He talked a lot about communication and how that is key to a successful marriage. His key piece of advice about communicating was don’t be negative. Every answer to a question HAS a positive initial response. He went on to say that when someone says they loved something, you don’t need to instantly come back with a response on how you disliked the same thing even if that is the case. He also pointed out that if someone makes a mistake in what he or she is saying there is no need to point it out for the world to see. I think that this advice is vital for marriage but is also so important for everyday life. Proverbs 16:24 “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” All words that come out of our mouths should be gracious, kind and loving.

2.     “Let your yes be yes and your no be no,” leads us into his second major point. It too is about communicating. Clarity is of vital importance. If you say something be sure and mean it. Do not go back on your word or promises. I can see how this is extremely important in married life but once again this should be an everyday rule we live by. Most people do try to keep their word, but take the extra step and really keep it. If you say you will pray for a person then do it. Remember that integrity is a disappearing in this world so going above and beyond and really being honest with your words makes a difference.

3.     Finally the last thing I want to point out that he said was happiness cannot be pursued it ensues. Something that ensues occurs as a result of other actions. We need a cause greater than ourselves. For Hayden (my fiancé) and I, it is a happy marriage. That is what our “goal” is. However it’s not something that we pursue. It is something that occurs from being intentional with our behavior, not just our thoughts, everyday. We have to make a daily choice to be self-sacrificing. If we choose to behave this way a happy marriage will ensue. Along these lines he said, the best day of our marriage should be the day one of us dies. We should never settle and we should always make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. I think that is a powerful statement that I want to live like in every area of my life.

I hope this inspires you like it inspired me. Also I hope you have a wonderful week and make tomorrow better than today.


Alissa Sander <3

God resurrects a dream into a living vision!

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Working backstage with Betsey Johnson and her amazing assistant Brandon on a Models For Christ outreach.&nbsp;

                                                        Working backstage with Betsey Johnson and her amazing assistant Brandon on a Models For Christ outreach. 

(But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you- Matt 6:33)

For those who don’t know, I have a special passion for Fashion Industry, I enjoy to dress-up, to put outfits together for other people and love making them feel special and beautiful. I love, love make-overs! 

Let’s go  7 years back…. 

In 2007  I was accepted at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM), majored in Visual Communications. This major opens doors to different fields in this industry such as; interior design, wedding planner, wardrobe stylist, Fashion Show coordinator or director and many more. My desire was to be a Fashion Show Director or work for a well-known magazine at their visual communications department. After two months of attending FIDM, I was hired at BCBG MaxAzeria as a wardrobe stylist. I loved my job, all type of women would walked in with the hope of us finding the perfect outfit from head to toe for their special occasion such as; weddings, engagement parties, bridal-showers, Grammy's, Oscar’s, interviews, promotions and many more. My favorite part was to watch clients leave the boutique with conference and a huge smile ready for their event. It was fun and I knew this could take me to my goal, my dream career.

After 3 years of working with this designer I came to a cross-road. At this time I was serving the Lord as the Youth Leader full-time and my job at BCBG began to be a challenge. My boss wanted me to start dressing different (more sexy), I came to realized that if I wanted to grow within the industry I had to change my morals, I had to socialize going to parties to get to know people in the industry but most important it was going to affect my walk and relationship with the Lord. The moment to decide if I wanted to keep moving up in this Industry or if I was going to do whatever it would take to live my life worth of my King, Jesus was right before my eyes! After praying, and going back and ford I had the answer.. (in between I really felt like some-how I could make a difference working in this industry, I felt like somehow I could bring the gospel, - I mean once during our speech class at FIDM I talked about Jesus! -This was a battle in my mind day and night because it was so hard to give up something I had dreamed of since I was so young and the promotion was right in front of me.- Was it really worth it?!! I asked to myself many times, I knew God wouldn’t break my free will and He would wait for me to choose Him. 

-(I am mentioning all this so you can have an idea of how hard of a decision this was).-  

Finally after a couple of weeks of praying and reading the word, I made a commitment to God, a life-time commitment, I made my decision. I told the Lord this:

 “ I choose YOU GOD, I rather earn crowns and be useful for Your kingdom, even if only one person gets saved than earning recognition, money, popularity here on this world, I love You and I choose You. Take me, use me, mold me, I want to be your vessel and I want to pursue You and I desire to be the woman You have created me to be, just because YOU are worthy and YOU loved me first”!!

 I have to tell you, is the second best decision I have ever made in my life. I say second because the first one was giving my life to Christ. Right after I accepted an offer at a bank, though was completely different from what I had studied and worked befor. To be honest I was scared of the job, I was intimidated but of course God like always came to the rescue and less than the expected I loved my new job, especially the work hours, they were perfect for the ministry.

Later that same year, God placed the desire in my heart to build a website to minister women using FASHION!! To help women of all ages to find their Identity in Christ, to really know their value and to learn about the true beauty that is precious to the Lord. He gave me this scripture 1 Peter 3:4 “You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God”  WOW I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to get it done or what to do with this piece of TRUTH. Days after the perfect quote came to mind, which I wrote that day, I knew it was God, “A beautiful face and a gorgeous attitude are the best accessories of a woman and a pure and sincere heart is her greatest outfit". – Then I knew God was going to do something GREAT. When and how??! No idea…

At a YWAM conference I met Jessica Hover, founder of Beauty Arise. The Holy Spirit guided me to introduce myself to her and share the vision God had placed in me. I was frozen and little scared but I didn’t want to miss out just because of what I was feeling, I knew that if God was leading me to talk to her, was because He had something great in mind, and He sure did =)!!! I was nervous, excited and more nervous. Negative  thoughts  were taking over my mind;  “Jessica might think I am little kuku (crazy)” -  to my surprise she didn't think that at all, instead she invited me to the Fashion Week Los Angeles Outreach, which was 5 months away! Jessica said that was definitely God, to pursue what God had placed in my heart!! WOW didn't have words to describe that moment, it was definitely a define moment in my life. God always knows best and wants best for us!! 

Now two years later, I am founder and director of Beauty Arise Mexico. I have had the amazing opportunity to serve at four different seasons with Models for Christ, three in Los Angeles and one in New York City.  Also I am praying at the moment for guidance on taking greater opportunities that I would had not dare to dream before. I am living that vision.

 All this is possible because of GOD, walking in obedience many times is painful but let me tell you something; when God leads you to do something trust Him and obey Him. Now, don’t obey Him because of what you can get from Him, but obey Him because He loves you like crazy and He is never going to lead you to something that will destroy your life. His plans for your life are always full of Hope and life. I have to tell you there will be times when He will ask you to let go or surrender things close to your hear and you may never receive them back but trust His word and His love for you, He will never disappoint you!

Last reminder: Seek Him for who He is and obey because He loved you first.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matt 6:33)


Your friend who loves you,

Lizbeth  Espinoza <3

To Do List

This month I found myself in a spot where I was doing a lot of "doing", and by that I mean I was trying to "do" a lot of things in hope to appease God or try to earn His love. I would almost have this imaginary to do list in my mind. Read my bible…check! Sing a pretty worship song…check! Lead a bible study…check! Tell someone about God…check! Now I know that yes, Jesus loves me…we sang that song as kids in Sunday school. And I seemed to really grasp that concept less than a year ago, geez even last month I felt that; but in all honesty this past month I haven't felt the love. I've been on this downward cycle exhausting myself trying to feel this love, trying to experience God, trying to "do" so I can receive love, coming to a place of doubt about if God really loves me, is He even real? And trying to do as many good things so I can feel better about myself. I told God I just wanna quit! And that's exactly what I did, I gave up and I stopped "doing". 


Somehow that's exactly what God wants us to do, to throw our hands up, give up our control and let go. 

All He wants is for us to stop "doing" and just trust and know that it isn't by works that saves us, but it is faith. Simply believing. There is just something about this concept that doesn't really make sense. It seems…too easy, yet it brings me so much peace and relieves me of this worry. This truth of faith pulls me out of this mind set, that if I just do enough I will be accepted and loved. So now I can crinkle up that imaginary to do list and toss in my imaginary garbage can. *Exhale* Phew! That heaviness that was hanging over me reminding me of how much more I should be doing and how I suck when I fail to meet this fake bar I've set in my mind about what's "good enough" is gone. I know I will never be accepted by how good of a person I am in God's eyes, but because I simply believe that Jesus loves me and I walk in that. I walk in light and I am loved, I am accepted, I am free. 


I stumbled upon an old post of mine that was written to the hurting and broken hearted. I never realized it would be something I would be scrolling back to. 


Child of Mine,

       Do you know how much I love you? I love you more than the birds I made, more than the colorful fields of flowers and trees that I decorated the earth with. I love you more than the deep blue sea and all the creatures in it. I love you more than every animal walking, creeping and crawling on the mountains and desserts. I love you more than the stillness of snow and the roaring waves shouting My praise. Child of Mine, I love you more than anything else in this world!

Child of Mine I will never abandon you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Even when you walk away from me and go so far in the opposite direction, weather it's for five minutes or twenty years, I will never stop thinking about you and loving you. I will always be waiting for you.

When you come back to me hurting, bruised, broken and bleeding I will have my arms wide open for you. I AM and always will be here to listen to you, to heal you, to love you, to cry with you, to laugh with you, to give you hope and direction, even if you mess up over and over and over again, I will never change my mind about you!

Child of Mine I will make you a new creation and give you new life, life in abundance! Whatever has been broken I will restore it. Whatever you have lost I will replace it with something better. I will always accept you, no matter where you are in life. If you are tired and burdened I will give you rest and take the weight you've been carrying for far too long. I will bring you freedom! And I will give you joy and I will give you peace that will surpass all understanding. Child of Mine you are beautiful, you are precious, you are never forgotten, you are forgiven! Child of Mine I will always love you!


Your Creator, Your Heavenly Father, Your Savior 


"When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but The Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken." 

-Psalm 34:17-20

Hope your weekend is swell and that you rest in the love of your Heavenly Father. Oh and remember to keep that to do list for around the house chores only!

- Grace xo