Pregnancy and the Seasons of Life

Pregnancy and the Seasons of Life


I believe God made the seasons to teach us something. Because, like them, our life also goes through different phases, some happier, some less, but all necessary. I already lived different seasons in my life: singleness, marry season and now I am pregnant and discovering motherhood. Is it bad? Is it good? It’s neither one and both at the same time, it is actually different as every new season. God has been teaching me about every season and I want to share with you what I’ve been learning.

Autumn is the season of questions. In fact, it's a strange season because the summer heat is over, but winter's cold has not come yet. It is a "middle ground" station. It is usually the phase of life in which we ask so many questions to God. It is where everything seems confused and lost. It is the "Why? How? Where? Yes or no?".

But it is also the season when God prepares us for one more step, to a deeper level of relationship with Him. The downfall of questions is where we perceive many things, but we do not know where to begin. It is where we do not know where to go, but we have a certainty: we do not want to be in the same place.

Winter is the season where we do not see fruits, where the flowers have died and everything is cold and dark. The darkness prevents us from seeing the beauty of this season, but beauty exists there.

It is in winter that the roots of the tree grow, but down where no one sees. Although it is a painful and silent season, it is here that we grow stronger, mature and strengthen in faith. Fortress that keeps us from dying when bad days come.

Winter is extremely necessary for our growth, and without it our faith would be frivolous.

When you are living in winter, do not ask God WHY, but WHAT He wants to teach you. Enjoy the winters, they are the ones that do not allow you to be the same.

Spring is the season of beauty. It is in that season you see the fruits, the flowers open and you just want to contemplate the beauty around you.

Do you know those seasons of life that dreams come true, that miracles happen, doors open, that you feel an inexplicable peace? You do not want to do anything but stop, breathe deeply in thanksgiving!

Once a friend told me: "Mari, there's so much beautiful things happening in my life, that I'm even scared! I think something bad will happen. " This is a big lie that we believe. There will be difficult seasons in life, but there will be beautiful days of joy and blessings that we can not even tell!

Learn through the bad days and enjoy the good days. That simple!

Ah, summer! This is the season of laughter, of fun, of grinning smile. Unlike spring, where we only want to contemplate the deeds of God, in the summer we want to celebrate, dance and enjoy. Summer is time to be in the sun, in family, with friends. These are the rest times of the soul.

It is in summer that we recharge our forces for the difficult seasons. Summer is to be enjoyed to the fullest!

"Then it filled us with laughter, and our mouth with glad expressions of praise. Even in other nations it was said, the Lord has done wonders for these people!" Psalm 126: 2

There are some important points to bear in mind when we talk about the seasons of life: They pass. All of them. They do not last forever.

I know, some seasons seem eternal. But they are not. EVERYTHING IN LIFE PASSES! So, enjoy it and learn as much as you can from each one. There is a reason why you are living this phase of life and God wants to teach you something. In difficult seasons, calm the heart and learn. In happy seasons, enjoy it to the fullest!


Do not compare the seasons

It is very easy to fall into the error of comparison when we look at others around us. I felt guilty myself, because at some point in my life I was living in the spring, while people close to me were in the winter. And I already felt abandoned by God for living long days in the fall while the others enjoyed the summer. What a big mistake! We are different, we walk different paths and we go through different seasons. Do not compare, move on!



Ask God in prayer what season of life you are now and what you can learn from it. Be honest with God about your feelings, your frustrations, your tiredness, and your joy. Prayer is what gives us strength to live the difficult seasons of life, and it is also what shows a grateful heart to Him who blesses us with all sorts of blessings!


The pregnancy made me realize that in 9 months I get to live all seasons. And I know that when my son is born, I will live all of them again with him and myself. But I have learned from God to enjoy each one because they pass fast and it is not worth living each season without embracing the maximum of each one.

In what season of life have you lived? Whether it is painful or joyful, walk with God in everything you do. After all, it is He who gives you strength and teaches you the way to go.



Mari Simionato