Treasures in Singleness IV

she LOVES music!!

she LOVES music!!

        A truly beautiful soul is one that rests in God. Knowing they are loved and enough just as they are, with nothing to prove. We live in a world obsessed with striving for more and for being the best. But God shows us that we don’t have to strive anymore because we already have the ultimate gift- His love and freedom. It is a gift, meaning it can’t be earned, it must be received.

As women, we all want to be loved and seen as beautiful and pursued. However, we’re more likely to hear how we need to change ourselves instead of how we’re beautiful as we are. But the thing about true beauty is that it shines from the inside out. It comes from a heart and soul that rest in God, with nothing to prove. A heart and soul that stands on the truth that they are loved and wanted just as they are. This is true for you too. Will you receive this gift of truth into your heart today for your own life? Will you let Jesus give rest to your heart and soul? That’s our prayer for you today and we hope it encourages you today!

Alyssa Glick <3