Treasures in Singleness III

Treasures in singleness III



Hi, my name is Isabella, I’m 22 years old, from Austria and- as you might have guessed- single!
Here is some of the treasures I have found in being single.

When I was about 14 years old, God showed me a lot of things about relationships and how He sees them. I decided then that I didn’t actually want to date anyone until I was actually able to get married because to me, the goal of a relationship should be marriage and obviously I wasn’t able to get married at 14.
Throughout the years my desire to wait got deeper because I realized that I wanted to find out about my identity first before doing life with another person. I had to figure out who I was.

And that is definitely one of the treasures I have found in being single: Letting God define my identity as a single so I wouldn’t find it in anyone else. Don’t get me wrong- people that are in relationships can and do learn a lot about who they are with their partner alongside of them (or so I heard) but I also know that some of these lessons are easier to be learnt alone. Because as a single I got to discover that my worth isn’t depended on who I am with but simply who I am in God.
My hope is that I get to be so firm in who I am and who God is to me that I get to just take my future husband into that and be a blessing to him instead of looking to him constantly for validation.

The other day God told me: “Don’t give anyone the power to tell you who you are or what you deserve. Because that power is only in good hands with me.”
Wouldn’t the one who created you know who you are?
Wouldn’t the one who died for you know what you’re worth?
Wouldn’t the one who pursues you every day know how you are to be loved?
So let HIM tell you who you are apart from anyone else!

So with that another huge treasure I have found in being single is letting God romance me.
Letting him love me the way that ALL of us dream of being loved- somebody that tells you how he feels about you in the most expressive way, somebody who pursues your heart and romances you, somebody that loves you unconditionally with all your flaws and mistakes, somebody who listens to you, cares for you, protects you, fights for you. That is who God is to me. And that is also what I am looking for in my future husband. Because God now is the example I am looking to- not past male relationships.

-Isabella Haas <3