Days in Costa Rica

April 09 – April 15 2018

Our second week with Transforma ministry has been just as eventful and exciting as week one. God keeps surprising us with divine appointments and in His grace, He keeps showing up wherever we go and with whatever we do. He is faithful and He never ceases to exceed our expectations. We’re in awe and thankful beyond measure for what God has been doing so far in and through us as a team.

At the beginning of this week we helped deep cleaning the house and reorganizing things. Since the house is split in a living area and the ministry space (class rooms, kids room, etc.) the house is always busy with people doing all kinds of things.

Usually Monday routine in Transforma starts with prayer, worship and bible study: the Transforma volunteers and leaders gather to start the week in prayer, worship and bible study.
Afterwards women come to attend Sewing Training, Massage Therapy training, Entrepreneurial Training and Manicure and Pedicure Training. After graduating these programs, some of the women even start their own businesses.
Transforma women do not only develop a profession, they actually go through the process of transformation: Transforma teaches women “Kingdom values”, based on God’s word; Values that define how to live everyday life, how to do work and how to build character. Many women have found a second home in Transforma: As they do life and work together they grow in their relationships and get disciple as they develop all kinds of skills and trades.

This week we had the opportunity to pray and intercede for the Transforma women and leaders: we asked God for encouraging words and wrote little notes for them. We got super excited to hear what God says about these beautiful women and how He sees them.

Another aspect of our Transforma ministry was taking photos for their Webpage. Some of our girls help designing the page.


One of our highlights as a team this week was another community visit. We met a pastor woman who currently had a leg surgery, because of that she’s now going through a tough season, experiencing a lot of pain. It was so touching to see her enduring faith and trust in God in the midst of all the pain and hardship. We had the privilege to pray for healing, restoration, provision, peace and hope that we believe God has for her.

The second visit in this neighborhood blew our minds! God revealed Himself in such a beautiful way. First we got to meet Lucilla, another woman of great faith, who testified God’s provision with a new house.
During our visit we also got to meet one of her grandchildren, Herbert, who later turned out to be one of the main reasons God brought us to this place. God spoke to Herbert about his identity as a son of God and about the big dreams and the future He has prepared for Herbert. But the greatest testimony was to see how much God loves and pursues Herbert and how He calls him into intimate relationship with God the father.
Coming home after this powerful ministry time, we had a time of praise and thanksgiving. We were all so humbled that God let us be part of his dream.


On Wednesday we helped a Children’s ministry, called “Metro Ministry”, based in the Sinai community.

Wednesday night we attended the Community Night of the San Jose YWAM Base. It was fun to see another Base and to get to know their people and ministry.

Friday night half our team went to San Jose’s streets to work with Face of Justice again.

On the weekend we attended church service in an international church downtown, we had brunch, drank coffee and played games as a team.






These beauties not only are doing ministry in a different country of their own, they also go grocery shopping and make their own meals. We say these ladies are GOLD <3