Style Arise: Joanne

by Abby Eastman


To all the people who believe that life is dull and humorless, you real haven't had a conversation with Joanne Krahn. The constant gleam in her eye and her pretty but knowing  smile hint at the fact that she knows what happiness looks like and will live a life hoping everyone else can figure it out too. Born in Winkler, Manitoba, The 21 year old is currently doing her Discipleship Training School at YWAM LA. DTS is a time where you find freedom in various area of your life but I knew from our first meeting that freedom was something Joanne just naturally carried. The first time I spoke to Joanne I fell completely in love with her wit and the sense of freedom she carried in the way she spoke and dressed-- Joanne does what she wants, not in a rebellious way but in a way that screams she refuses to be put in a box. Dreaded hair and incredibly fresh faced, I knew Joanne had to be the next person featured on Style Arise.

AE: Describe your Style in one word?
JK: I feel like simple! It's the kind of person I am. I'm good with simple or chill. Hmm wait--  maybe chill?
AE: When did you get your dreads?
JK: A year ago! I got dreads because when I was younger I would always see them and I thought they looked so cool. As I got older some of my friends had dreads. and I thought "I want dreads so badly" but I also really liked my hair. Then I decided when I'm old and I'm telling my grand-kids stories, I want to be able to tell them I had dreads! Plus I just really like them and it's simpler than actually dealing with my natural hair.
AE: When did you decide that you didn't care about what people thought about the way you dressed or looked?
JK: Maybe like a year ago or two years ago. I worked at camp. and so there you don't really care what you look like anyway and then I think it just carried on. Sometimes with certain outfits I'll still ask "does this look okay?" but I try to put things together myself and be confident in that.
AE: Your fav clothing item at the moment?
JK: I really like my t-shirt dresses. They're so comfy!
AE: Fav place to shop?
JK: The thrift store because you get really good deals. Also I like that you can put outfits together and be really unique with it because you find some interesting things there. So when I shop there, I'll look at something and think "how can I change this?" or "what can I wear with this to make it a cute outfit?".
AE: Your personal style advise?
JK: Be confident, be yourself in what you wear, be you! Cliche I know. Also, be aware of what type of clothing you're wearing. You don't want to support sweat shops are child labor, so be aware of where the clothing is made.
AE: Are you aware?
JK: I'm becoming more aware. So I recently started either shopping at thrift stores or local stores so I know where my clothes are made and that my clothes aren't made in a sweatshop. A skate shop in my town opened around two years ago and they always promote shopping locally so that you're aware of what you're buying, which kind of inspired me.
AE:  What are you wearing now?
JK: Well the shorts are American Eagle brand. I believe my cardigan is Garage. And my tank top is from Giant Tiger. 

- Abby