Style Arise: Kirsty

by Abby Eastman


Style Arise

For this week's blog post I wanted to do something different. I had this idea in my head for a while to find someone who's style I admired so I could interview them in a attempt to understand the relationship between fashion and individuality. In order to make an idea a reality I hunted down Kirsty last week who modestly agreed to a short interview despite the fact that neither of us had really done anything like this before (in school when we were supposed to interview someone for an english project I instead interviewed myself pretending to be someone else, which at the time seemed clever.) So here it is: the beginning of a new series I would like to call Style Arise. Enjoy!


Long brown hair and a smile as Taylor Swift would say " could light up this whole town", Kirsty Hamilton is the definition of radiant. I met the 25 year old, Northern Ireland native while here in LA but had never really had a full conversation with her (a shame really; her excitement for life is contagious). This is partially due to the fact that she is currently taking on the colossal challenge of SBS (School of Biblical Studies), an intensive 9 month bible course that not only requires perseverance but also A LOT of your time. Even though Kirsty and I lacked in depth conversation, her style always spoke volumes to me. I was immediately drawn to her effortlessness and confidence in the way she dressed. so I was more than ecstatic when she agreed to let me interview her as well as photograph her for the blog.

AE: Describe your style in one word?
KH: Earthy! I like earth tones. Sometimes I will veer off of that, but it's naturally what I go for.
AE: At what point in your life did you stop dressing for others and started dressing for yourself?
KH: Oh I like that. That's a really good question. I think it was just before DTS (Discipleship Training School). I was probably 23. It had gotten to a point where it used to be I would see someone else wearing something and I would be like "Oh I want to wear that" and then I would get really disappointed if I wore it and it didn't do anything for me or I wouldn't look the same. But then after awhile I was like "I'm just gonna do what makes me feel most comfortable and confident but it doesn't necessarily have to be what everyone else is wearing". I think that naturally lent itself toward wearing what I wanted to wear, rather than trying to imitate and copy another person. I was like "You know what? You're an individual" and I liked being an individual anyway.
AE: Any advise for budding fashionistas?
KH: Oh  I am not a fashionista, but I feel like it's "don't box yourself in". I guess for me right now I'm really enjoying earth tones. but one day if I decide I actually just want to venture out of earth tones, then I'm going to do it. I'm not going to place myself in this little box. You can pop every now and again-- its okay
AE: Fave clothing item?
.KH: Every scarf I own! I have a thing with scarves, oh my goodness. Also because I'm from Ireland I'm always cold. It's such an essential. part of your wardrobe! I tried to wear them here and [my friend] would laugh at me because I'd be wearing scarves in like 90 degrees heat. Right now at this very moment though it is my pastel blue skirt that I bought in a thrift store in Pasadena.  But If we did this interview in 2 days it would probably change. 
AE: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
KH: I love Zara so much and occasionally I do like Urban Outfitters. We have this place called TK Maxx in Ireland which is like TJ Maxx. It's all discounted stuff and I love just going through rails. Thrifting as well is up there. 
AE: What are you wearing right now?
KH: Black Birks--  I've had these for like 5 years now. They've been everywhere. These are the best shoes I've ever bought and a dress from Zara I bought last may.


- Abby