Yesterday was a rough day. I am going through some pretty life changing moments that will define a lot of things. These moments are always the scariest because the outcome could be pretty amazing or pretty bad. It's the worst not knowing whether to celebrate or to cry. I've been learning how to rest so I knew that last night after a long day I needed to get out. So I went for a hike with my friend Emily which was pretty great because venting to people outside of your own situation and being able to relate about the same situations was nice.

But what I want to talk about actually isn't our hike but our skate to the 7-11 right after. I went in to get some food for my starving tummy. I noticed the new check out lady was really nice which is pretty great because I go to the 7-11 a lot. But the biggest part of this trip was Jack. Jack was the homeless man who was sitting outside on the ground right next to the redbox. As me and Emily left 7-11 I heard Jack saying some things I didn't really think made any sense and honestly I wasn't really paying that much attention. But then we heard Jack say, "Are you girls missionaries?" We said yes and then so kindly he asked, "Would you please say a prayer for me?" My heart was immediately touched. How this man new that we were missionaries was crazy! Maybe others had come before us? But still to pick us out of hundreds of people was pretty crazy. Emily asked Jack how we could pray for him. Then a word I never would have expected came out of his mouth. "Sobriety." As tears started streaming down Jack's face we agreed to pray with him. For Jack it wasn't just words we were saying. As we prayed he cried out to God. Tears falling to his jeans I too started to tear up. Jack was so sweet and thanked us for our prayers. 

Immediately as we left the 7-11 I was reminded of the stories in the bible of people pushing through crowds to even just touch Jesus' robe because they had so much faith that just touching him they could be healed.  Jack had so much faith that we could help him talk to Jesus. 

This made me think about the rough day I had. Not just because of the things I am dealing with but the people around me too. I had been surrounded with people who have so much and yet could care less about A. People like Jack. And B. Getting rid of their crap to serve their one true creator. Everyday they are blessed with so many things and yet they still choose to put him on the back burner. And yet here was this man who has nothing but was so desperately seeking God. So desperate that he would ask us if we were missionaries just so he could get some prayer. 

In all of this I had to ask myself am I willing to give up everything just serve my God? Am I so desperate that I would ask a complete stranger to pray for me? Are you just sitting in your own little world not caring about those silly little sins? Maybe those couple nights a month you get drunk, or those cigarettes you don't care to give up, maybe that money God calls you to tithe in church but you want to use it for Starbucks instead. If we believe in Jesus we should be going out of our way to have a better relationship with him. We shouldn't have to worry about all of those things he might ask us to give up or even those things he is actually calling us to give up right now. He is all that matters. He has blessed us with life. Do we care at all or do we choose to keep that selfish life style? 

"Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. "There is still one thing you haven't done," he told him. "Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." (Mark 10:21)

Be blessed this week!

xoxoxo Kate