Our mission is to carry the truth about beauty, identity and value to girls and women in every culture.

Beauty Arise is an invitation for girls and women to rise up and follow Jesus. We exist to reach, teach, and encourage girls and women in the truth about their God-given beauty, identity and value. We do this through starting Beauty Arise communities around the world, running Discipleship Training Schools, producing Christ-centered media, organizing outreaches and producing events. 

Our Values

  1. Model Christ. Let the motivation and heart behind all we do be firmly in Jesus. We lay down our rights in order to love, serve and model Christ to everyone we encounter. 
  2. Radiate Joy. Carry a real and pure joy to differentiate us and be contagious in any environment we enter. 
  3. Prioritize Jesus. Don’t compromise on our calling to share the Gospel through everything we do and every position we’re given. 
  4. Disciple and Be Discipled. Strive towards personal growth and always be teaching, shaping and leading others into the image of Jesus. 
  5. Live Lives on Display. Offer our lives as a tangible example of what it looks like to live out the Beauty Arise mission and values. 
  6. Gather in Community. Utilize fellowship, teams and relationship to strengthen individuals and be relational in our community.
  7. Speak Life. Avoid competition and criticism by speaking life and celebrating strengths in ourselves and others. 
  8. Live Simply. Champion keeping our bags light, giving things away and sharing things over the striving for abundance, convenience and status.
  9. Push Forward. Press continually into communities and industries in new and unreached areas that speak into women’s beauty and identity until truth is represented everywhere.
  10. Call Out Beauty. Redefine skewed perceptions of beauty through recognizing and identifying real beauty and femininity that transcends fame, fashion and appearance.

Our Story

Beauty Arise started in the story of it’s founder, Jessica Hover. Jess came from a broken home and struggled with a lot of identity issues regarding being a woman. Coming to Jesus showed her who she was as a daughter of God and she became passionate about seeing other women she loved coming into the truth of who they were created to be. The more she traveled, the more she saw it wasn’t just an American issue, but the struggle with identity existed in women everywhere. 

In her personal life, she repeatedly saw God use her to minister to women so, rather than isolating it into her side job, she decided to gather girls and get more organized.

In 2012 she and a group of friends got a vision to start Beauty Arise and be intentional about sharing the truth they had learned with others. Already representing many countries, the group hoped to see the vision travel around the world and impact women of different ages and cultures. The original group that assembled in Los Angeles included a German, a Swiss and four Americans. Later that year they met a woman in Mexico who shared their vision and it multiplied from there. 

The first thing they did was see if the organization would meet a real need. They put together a Beauty Arise breakfast at the Youth With A Mission Los Angeles coffee shop. There was minimal advertising for the event but, to their surprise, over 30 ladies showed up, the youngest was 11 oldest was 35. They all were eager to talk about beauty, identity and value and they asked for more events. 

In addition to breakfasts, the Beauty Arise team felt an impression from God from the beginning to reach people in fashion and entertainment. Everywhere they traveled they saw the impact of the fashion and entertainment industries had on the way girls saw themselves. This motivated the Beauty Arise team to serve with a ministry called Models For Christ and also to begin an outreach to Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

The first Beauty Arise location to be planted outside of LA was Ensenada, Mexico where they do red light district ministry, serve in safe homes and produce fashion shows. Then Beauty Arise expanded to Switzerland and China. Over time, there were more requests to start communities locally and they realized the need for more leaders who could help communities multiply. That’s how the Discipleship Training School came to be and they called for girls to sign up who could carry the vision. The first Beauty Arise DTS ran in LA in January of 2016, seven nations were represented and they went on outreach to Barcelona and Switzerland. 

Beauty Arise has been involved in doing a live nativity scene outreach to the city of Santa Monica which was talked about on Jay Leno and Good Morning America. They have run Beauty Arise tracks in YWAM LA Discipleship Training Schools and organized local outreaches throughout Los Angeles, doing things like handing out flowers on Skid Row.

They have volunteered backstage at fashion weeks in NYC and LA since Fall 2011, working personally with the likes of Betsey Johnson, Tyler the Creator and Jeremy Scott. They have done staff outreach trips to China and Barcelona, and in 2014 they ran a Kings Kids summer camp for High School students in Barcelona. 

They have impacted girls across the world through media, creating devotional videos and a six-week devotional video series for middle school girls called, “His”. 




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